About The mechanical Ghosts

Originally from the North East of England, Tyla Joe-Connett and Phil Killingsworth were once next door neighbours. Based in the Hull area, both friends shared a passion for new and old artists quite distinct from their peers growing up and have been pumping out tunes together by experimenting with synthesizers, guitars and electrical beats resonant with these tastes ever since their early days. They often perform in other electronic and indie bands but now they have partnered to produce The Mechanical Ghosts.

Fond of the relationship between modern and vintage technology, both musicians are always finding ways to bring the two together in their music to create fresh, dynamic experiences. The Mechanical Ghosts is a testament to that goal. Founded in 2020 by Connett and Killingsworth, The Mechanical Ghosts merges explosive, passionate 80s-derived bursts with honest and personal lyrics, plateaued on a rollercoaster of rich textures and immersive sonics.

This blend of music is suffused by their love of old futuristic classics like Tron and Blade Runner and 80s settings reminiscent of Stranger Things and ET which can be felt underlying every electronic beat and synthwave surge. Holding a beautifully soft melancholy feel with retro sensibilities fused into a modern package, the music of The Mechanical Ghosts takes on an atmospheric tone full of mechanical verve yet deep soulfulness. It combines the grit of authentic lyrics with the spectral zeitgeist of 80s electronics to generate a truly unique brand of electronic pop-rock. Evocative and dynamic, The Mechanical Ghosts aims to portray a temporal experience energised by pop-like melodies through Killingsworth’s fervent vocals and the bands complementary synth-led virtuoso.

Think Depeche Mode synth with Woodkid-style drumming that brings a taste of the epic. At times, Steven Spielberg meets Ridley Scott




@2020 by P Killingsworth and T Vincent, TMG Records

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